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    ✦The Deakin✦



    The Deakin -or Daemin in the singular- (also known as Tieflings or Deadra) is a race that bears various Draco-demonic features, though comparing them to a crossbreed of any kind would be a mistake.

    ✦Physical Description✦

    They have an average height of around 1.9m (about 6 feet) for males and 1.7m (about 5.5 feet) for females. Most tend to be quite tall, although there is a lot of variety when it comes to height. For example, some male Daemin can stand at over 2.20 meters tall. Their skin color varies a lot, some ranging from human-like colors to pale purples, charcoal black, gray, red, and, although rare, yellow or even golden. They may even have the skin color a human with hepatitis B would have as their natural skin color.

    Their eye colors vary as well, ranging from all possible human colors to red, purple, yellow and pitch black. Their sclera can range from white to black and any shade of gray in between.

    Many Deakin have other physical traits, such as scales, chitin, and horns. They also have tails, which can vary a lot in shape and size. Some Daekin have sharp and slightly longer canines, though it's not very common (the canines would never reach to be twice as big as a normal person's ones, just barely bigger than the rest of the teeth). This is because some Daekin, although most are omnivores, are carnivorous.

    A Daedra's hair would usually sport the same colors as a human, but may be dark purple as well. Some Daemons may also have digitigrade legs and hooves instead of feet, though this is quite rare.


    Deakin live for about 650 years, reaching adulthood at around 16 years old and become elderly at about 575 years of age.


    For one, Daekin are known for having horns, claws and sharp teeth, making them capable to defend themselves even when unarmed, to add to this, some Daekin have chitin instead of skin in some places, making them more resistant to scratches and cuts. This exoskeleton has the consistency of bone and has no skin below it, causing bleeding as soon as it cracks, it also heals slower. Deakin have tails that are quite versatile, allowing them to use it as another limb. However, their tails are quite sensitive to the touch, tugging from it can result in something quite painful.

    They are a quite resistant race, capable of resisting illness and poisons since their metabolism is prepared to take in a lot of punishment of those sorts. Daemon with Digitigrade legs are faster when it comes to picking up speed than races without this, and can climb better in hills with a not too steep angle. To add to this, those Daemon who have hoofs are capable of giving a very strong and damaging kick.

    However, Deakin aren't superior by any means, first off, Daekin are less magically resistant than other races, a bit less than dwarves. Daekin with digitigrade legs also can't climb well in steeps angles, and those who have hooves can barely swim if any.
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