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    OOC: [Some OOC Questions. We recommend you read through the Server Info sub-forum for filling this out properly.]

    IGN: Asmovanas

    Age: 19

    Alts: None

    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Y

    What is the rule you like the most?: The Rule on Killbaiting

    Why?: [One sentence explanation.] It’s a term, and a rule I hardly see used, despite being such a prominent issue in larger roleplay communities; -It essentially protects the integrity of casual roleplay.

    [Please put a one sentence definition for these. An example is also preferred, but not required.]

    In your own words, define PowerGaming: Forcing a set outcome on a separate player, character, or situation regardless of whether or not possible, plausible, or likely.

    In your own words, define MetaGaming: The use of OOC information to directly influence IC events, character behavior, knowledge, or otherwise.

    In your own words, define GodModding: The refusal of a character to lose in any capacity, often in times where loss is guaranteed, Dodging the sword swipes of three separate men, or surviving a nuclear event in ground zero, for example.

    In your own words, define RDM: A Random Death Match. -When a player character attacks without due cause, and has no interest in the Roleplay.

    Any comments you wish to make? Questions?: Nope

    RP: [Here we measure your ability to roleplay, while we don’t expect you to be a master and newcomers are welcome, we’d like to see how you handle these different situations (Pro Tip: Sometimes it's better to avoid making a problem worse!)]

    It is worth noting that both responding either by describing how your character would go through these situations, or actually roleplaying it out are both acceptable ways to do so, though we encourage you to do the latter.

    Scenario 1:

    You’re walking around the wilderness, relatively far from the closest town, carrying a dagger and some money in a pouch. Suddenly, you hear rustles from a nearby bush. It's a bandit! He has a shortsword and he yells, “Gimme t’at money or it’s yer life!” What do you do?

    Anja seized up, time stilling as the Bandit brandished the shortsword, which glistened menacingly in the sparse sunlight that broke through the thick canopy of leaves and foliage which casted an umbral shadow over the forest as far as the eye could see. ‘Though her heart, pounding against her chest which flooded her ears with the sound of rushing blood made an example of her Mortality, she considered herself lucky to be ambushed here in the sunlight, and not a poor victim of murder in the dark. She pursed her lips timidly and found that her joints would finally give, allowing her to untie the pouch from her belt-loop, and toss down onto the ground with an audible jingle before the Bandit. She took a precautionary step back, keeping her hands visible. The Highwayman didn’t outright attack, so there was no need for her to risk her life today.

    Scenario 2:

    You’re in the market square walking around when you suddenly spot a gorgeous item you seem to be interested in, however, you don’t have enough money for it. What do you do?

    Anja stood alone in a crowd, hands clasped together, held just above her bosom. Her chest rising and falling in an entranced rhythm as she eyed an example of what she considered to be ‘masterwork artisanry.’ It was a single, lone gauntlet… Bronzed in complexion, with a subtle, silvery gloss which allowed the sunlight to dance across its surface, and trickle down it’s girth as radiant drops, which enticed the eyes as it appealed to Anja’s soul. It reminded her of her Father, whom had often worked long, hard hours mastering his craft to even come close to reaching this level of armor work. It was glaringly obvious it was never made for battle, such pretty things are unfit for cruel work, she thought. Though she longed, and fantasized about showing it off, she decided against it: thanks in part to the lack of wealth to her name, and with that, walked off; Head lowered in dismay.
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