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    Dragonfolk are a variation of the reptilians that have the traits of dragons. Unlike most reptilians, Dragonfolk are able to utilize one draconic ability by nature, though they are extremely weak to magic, especially those magics that are the complete opposite of their own element.

    Dragonfolk are known for looking like... well, like dragons, they tend to have spikes around their body, especially their back and tail. Dragonfolk can vary in size, often ranging from 1.5 to 2.8 meters tall. ((That is about 5 - 9 feet tall, for you Americans out there.)) They also possess claws and a very wide array of colors for their scales that indicate the type of dragon they are.

    ✦Life Span✦
    Dragonfolk tend to live up to 450 years, having an extended adulthood, hatching from eggs after ten months and reaching an elder age at around 420 years old.

    Dragonfolk are typically quite strong, possessing a set of tough scales to protect them from lesser quality blades. They also inherit one dragon ability due to their draconic heritage. This race has a very low magical resistance, but they will always be able to cope better with the effects of magic from elements they are from. For example, an Ice Dragonfolk would be able to resist extreme cold but would have a weakness to magic that is the opposite of their element, like fire.

    The Draconic abilities that they are born with tend to vary. For example, Earth Dragonfolk are able to throw small stone spikes, Fire Dragonfolk can spit flames, etc.

    Do keep in mind that any ability would be discussed with a member of the world team out of character to ensure that the abilities are balanced, Every ability must have some kind of weakness.

    Ex.) Ice breath could clog a dragon's throat if it's used for too long.
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