Flux: Taint And Warp

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    The world of magic, as fantastic as it can be, can also be abused and those abuses are not left unpaid. Flux is known to be the residue that occurs when magic is used in a way it wasn’t meant to be used, be it the high amounts of spell casting in a small area, or the residue that would occur when one’s experiments with magical constructs or the like goes terribly wrong.

    Flux is simply the product of the corruption or destabilization of magic. The more magic is bent from its original form, the more likely, and the larger amount of, flux it will produce. This byproduct of the misuse of magic can cause the life and things around it to get warped and infected, which varies depending on the type of Flux. It is important to note that generating flux in excess, to the point where it generates significant damage, is highly illegal.

    Flux in general can be categorized in two types, which depend on the areas that said thing will affect the user, which are:


    Taint is defined as the effects that flux has on the physical realm, causing living matter to get altered drastically and infecting everything within its reach. As a whole, it causes matter to decay quickly and it's characterized by its dirty, purple colouration.

    On the human being, taint can cause blisters, cuts and other injuries which normally are purple in colour. As for animals, the taint can cause horrible mutations that alters them to the point of being unrecognizable, if barely.

    Taint can also infect Primal users with what is known as “Flux Flu”, which is an illness that causes purple coloured mucous, as well as some symptoms similar to a normal flu. However, the flux flu can also cause the fluctuation and diminishing of a user’s magical capabilities as a whole, but the illness can only attack an Essentia Gland.


    While Taint affects the physical world, warp affects the minds of those who are unlucky to get infected with flux. Warp, as the name suggests, warps the mind and the perception of those affected, slowly driving them into a state similar to that of insanity.

    Warp can cause hallucinations, intolerance to light- causing the sunlight to make the warped users think they are ‘burned’ by it, along with the sensation of being blinded by it. (In reality it does not do this, it's only in their mind.)

    How to Deal With Flux:

    When in its physical form, taint tends to be unstable and, whenever it is contained, it will eventually die out if there’s nothing to contaminate. One can deal with Warp in a very similar. Warped magic users must be contained and rehabilitated by being given constant supplies of special medicine and special baths until the effects dampen.

    Nature has also ways to deal with flux, however there’s still research being done on the plants and the ways nature has to stop taint from contaminating the land.
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