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    Hey guys, Flash here with a brand new announcement! I would like to tell you guys about our new Assistant team! "So," you may be asking, "What is the Assistance team?" In short the Assistant team is being made to increase player involvement and generally improve our production value!

    "What do assistants do?"

    There are two types of Assistants that we will be made, this being building and lore.

    "What's the point?"

    Assistants will be the step before becoming staff and/or the ability to help the server without actually being staff for the player.

    "Obviously lore writers have no real power outside of making lore and helping a bit with events and whatnot, I know builders have worldedit, will Assistant builders have it? Also, will there be any reward/identifier?"

    Assistants will not have an identifier or worldedit, but they will be given ingame currency for contributions.

    "So how do I start?"

    PM me an imgur gallery (in either vanilla or Conquest or similar packs) if you are applying for builder or some excerpts of writing if you want to do lore. Please send a Skype username along with it.