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    Rules regarding the chat (out of character):
    • Keep in the topic of the chat you are connected to. (With the exception of non-topic channels such as Global, of course.)
    • If in local chat, use the OOC function ((message)) to say something out of character to avoid clutter.
    • We ask that you try to keep religious and political topics to a minimum, as they tend to cause fights.
    • As is common on most servers, we strictly prohibit advertising of other servers in any chat.
    • We ask that you do not incite or initiate spam in any chats.
    • We strictly prohibit any and all flame wars in chats.
    • You are allowed to swear in chat, but try to keep it to a minimum.
    Rules regarding Roleplay:
    • It is imperative that you do not partake in Powergaming, Metagaming, and Godmodding.
    • Follow the lore, these are the rules and background of the server and is required to be adhered to.
    • Unless it is stated in the lore to be obtainable, modern items do not exist in roleplay. (This generally goes for things like machine guns or televisions.)
    • Abuse of any roleplay permissions (like nobility, for instance) results in strict punishment (if used in a way other than what one would normally do).
    • We employ strict prohibition of any form of sexual roleplay, regardless of consent or age. If your characters want to have a baby, just say you did it without roleplaying it out.
    • When regarding RP death, it is valid only when the instigator is killed while fighting or when the victim fights back. All other instances are voided unless ruled otherwise by a moderator. (Mainly RDM, PowerGaming, and GodModding.)
    • RP combat weapons are only valid with staff lored/renamed items.
    • Killbaiting (trying to kill a character for an arbitrary reason that 'seems legitimate') is prohibited.
    General Rules:
    • Griefing is strictly enforced, REMEMBER: WE CAN ROLL YOU BACK! If you have been griefed, use /co i to check for the grief and report it to staff, you can do /co i again to turn it back off. Nerd poles and random holes count as grief.
    • We ask that you don’t build anything resembling modern or postmodern structures, such as planes. As a general rule, anything Victorian or earlier is fine.
    • We ask that you try to have “presentable builds,” meaning having windows in homes, trying to include a peaked roof, etc. This means no obsidian homes and the like. (THESE WILL BE REMOVED!)
    • Hacked clients, or any mod that offers an unfair advantage are prohibited.
    • We are OK with the use of a build from, say, PlanetMinecraft, in your builds provided it follows the theme and you provide proper credit with a source, if we find that you stole the build, you will be punished! (This is enforced for formal applications, we're fine with you using a house or something-- just don't plagiarize!)
    • If you wish to PvP, it is only legal in two situations: both parties consent to PvP or during wars in regulated battles.
    • As a general rule, just because it isn’t stated or it has a loophole does not mean it is not against the rules, our rules are subjective (within reason) and are usually only changed if the problem becomes severe.
    • Use a roleplay skin. Generally, this just means not using a skin of a copyrighted character, one of a modern person, or a 'troll skin--' derp, etc.
    • Follow the stance.
    Building Rules:
    • Builds should be relatively realistic. (supported, etc.)
    • Modern or any build made more advanced than the Victorian era are not allowed.
    • Builds should be lore compliant.
    • Town/Cities/settlements should be in a sensible area.
    Town Rules:
    • Follow all building rules.
    • You are not allowed to make towns that aren't settlements. (For example, an underground base.) Outposts/keeps/etc. do count as settlements, if they have living quarters. If you want to have a single home protected, please contact a staff member.
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