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    Due to the relative oddity that is GrayStone and its foundation, certain things need to be established from the get-go:

    GrayStone is, and always will be, a Roleplaying server. This is apparent through our requirement of character sheets for new characters and the OOC section for new users. This is important to note, as although we aren't a hardcore roleplaying server, and contain minor elements of PvP, PvE, and Survival, our primary goal is to provide a healthy and fun roleplaying experience.

    We will not tolerate bashing other servers, regardless of prior opinion or experience with them. This includes advertising on those servers and "stealing" their players. Likewise, we will not tolerate people on other servers trying to advertise or steal our players. We also will not discriminate against new users from other servers regardless of position, reputation, etc. unless in the case that they cause drama or are problematic here on GrayStone.

    All Staff Members are expected to treat fellow Staff Members and players, donators or otherwise, in a fair manner. All staff members are expected to refrain from abusing their power, and may be asked to 1.) step back from responsibilities for a time, 2.) step down from their position, or in extreme cases, 3.) be removed if this becomes a problem. Likewise, players are expected to respect other members of the community and will lose any privileges from donation or RP if abused with no refund if such features are purchased from donation. This also means that just because "X Rule is not listed," does not, and I repeat, does not mean you will not be punished. Our rules are very much common sense based and we will not tolerate such behavior.

    Every player is allowed to voice their opinion or concern here unless in the case that it threatens the stability of GrayStone. We value our players' opinions and wish for them to maintain a friendly and constructive environment.

    By logging into this server or participating in its community, the user acknowledges that they are on an M Rated, or 16+, community and may be exposed to mature themes such as violence, alcohol, crime, war, drugs, vulgar language etc. However, we are not 18+ and do not allow themes that are blatantly sexual in nature.

    We ask that you adhere to these terms, all of which we believe to be common sense, to ensure that GrayStone remains a friendly and stable environment both in roleplay and out of character.

    With the best intentions,
    ~ The GrayStone Staff Team
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