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    Basic Information:

    The fantastical creatures known as “Mermaids” reside primarily in Ravendelle’s oceans. Also called Sirens and Fishmen, these oddities of the sea are often depicted in writing as fair maidens of the Blue. Do not be fooled, however, as this is hardly accurate and is a mere romanticization of reality. In truth, mermaids are vicious and dangerous- a scourge upon fishermen and sailors alike. The elusive mermaids are best described as predatory shark men of the sea. They are said to possess beady red eyes, coupled with a gigantic jaw of nearly 30 teeth which quickly grow back stronger when knocked out of its mouth. They also contain a pale, blue skin tone and are bipedal in appearance, with two odd “arm-fins,” which have odd looking clawed “fingers” and “thumbs,” similar to a bat. There is also a long, shark tail which tails the place of their legs, also placed upon their backs and the opposite side of their heads, which have gills on either side which also serve as a hearing aid.

    Any Mermaid is an incredibly vicious beast, choosing either to run you through with a crude piece of coral weaponry, claw you apart with their hand-like appendages, or simply rip you into pieces with their teeth. They are also incredibly carnivorous, and have been spotted hunting a variety of fish and other sea creatures. Unfortunately, this also includes any unfortunate Aquaed in its vicinity, some fringe scholars may even claim that they are capable of speech, can cook meals, and are cousins of the Rhogad, but this is largely dismissed by the vast majority of the scholarly community. These beasts are not to be described as friendly or sociable in any fashion and any whom witness are advised to stay away if possible, as there is no known way to survive a Mermaid strike upon a vessel, they being natural warriors.

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