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    (I hope this application is fitting, sorry if it is a bit of a mouthful at some points.)

    IGN: Umusa

    Age: 17

    Alts: N/A

    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?:

    What is the rule you like the most?:
    The rule against ERP. [Fifth down in rules regarding Roleplay]

    I myself simply am rather uncomfortable when such actions are happening.

    In your own words, define PowerGaming: Power gaming is when a person states their actions are sucessful without allowing the other player to act back.

    In your own words, define MetaGaming: When a player uses information they get out of roleplay when their character had not been given this information prior.

    In your own words, define GodModding: GodModding is when a player tries to control someone else's character, an example would be "*[Name] would know I was watching them*".

    In your own words, define RDM: As it stands for random death match, its simply when a user suddenly attacks without reason, and is usually voided.

    Any comments you wish to make? Questions?: Not as of yet, as I haven't really seen how its like to actually roleplay on Graystone.

    Scenario 1:
    You’re walking around the wilderness, relatively far from the closest town, carrying a dagger and some money in a pouch. Suddenly, you hear rustles from a nearby bush. It's a bandit! He has a shortsword and he yells, “Gimme t’at money or it’s yer life!” What do you do?

    Assuming my character is in an area by which they can't get help, the best thing to do would be to drop the money and run - the thief wanted the money and will be focused on that, as it would be stupid to leave a bag of money for some other thief to steal. My character would then make haste to get away. The character would need to look for maybe some sort of small job in a nearby settlement to try to atleast get a bit of money back, most likely feeling regretful over the overly safe action they had taken - even though it could have just saved them from a deadly quarrel.

    Scenario 2:
    You’re in the market square walking around when you suddenly spot a gorgeous item you seem to be interested in, however, you don’t have enough money for it. What do you do?

    It would be best to focus on the amount of money at hand. Realizing that they didn't have enough money, they would leave as they knew even if they found enough money, its bound to be stolen or bought before they'd even have the chance.