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    OOC: [Some OOC Questions. We recommend you read through the Server Info sub-forum for filling this out properly.]

    IGN: [Your main Minecraft username.] King_Portal
    Age: [Put N/A if you don’t wish to reveal this information.] N/A
    Alts: [Any Alternate accounts you own that you also want listed.] simatra

    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: [Y/N] Y
    What is the rule you like the most?: RP combat weapons are only valid with staff lored/renamed items.
    Why?: [One sentence explanation.] I have been in servers that didn't need staff approval for weapons, so everyone would have a super-powerful weapon of top quality, with no RP provided or anything.

    [Please put a one sentence definition for these. An example is also preferred, but not required.]
    In your own words, define PowerGaming: Forcing an action on another player or otherwise trying to be more powerful than you are RPly, ex: Thrusts forward with his sword and pierces through the plate armor, mortally wounding the man.
    In your own words, define MetaGaming: Using information OOC information, or other information to gain an edge or otherwise unfairly use it.
    In your own words, define GodModding: Similar to power gaming, taking control of another player's character, such as saying "As I go to stab him, he lets down his shield and gets impaled."
    In your own words, define RDM: Random DeathMatch, basically going and attack people for no reason, such as walking up to someone in a town, and just stabbing them, no RP included. But I believe that assassination is different, as long as you explain OOCly, and have proof that someone hired you, or earlier they otherwise provoked it.

    Any comments you wish to make? Questions?: Discord link didn't work, can you invite me through PM, please? simpatra#3216. Also, in case you use different terminology, OOC=Out Of Character.

    RP: [Here we measure your ability to roleplay, while we don’t expect you to be a master and newcomers are welcome, we’d like to see how you handle these different situations (Pro Tip: Sometimes it's better to avoid making a problem worse!)]

    It is worth noting that both responding either by describing how your character would go through these situations, or actually roleplaying it out are both acceptable ways to do so, though we encourage you to do the latter.

    Scenario 1:

    You’re walking around the wilderness, relatively far from the closest town, carrying a dagger and some money in a pouch. Suddenly, you hear rustles from a nearby bush. It's a bandit! He has a shortsword and he yells, “Gimme t’at money or it’s yer life!” What do you do?

    *takes out his dagger, and says "Sure, I will give you some, but think logically." As he carefully looks the bandit over.
    "What'dya mean?" *He asks as he steps forward, and points his shortsword forward.
    *Nods at the bandit and says "Although yes, you are better armed, I might still get a few slashes in. Why risk death or injury, when instead I can give you one-tenth of my coin."
    *The bandit frowns, and growls out "You ain't in a position to negotiate! Now give i'."
    *I sigh as I say "If you are a bandit, you likely don't have as much skill as a town guard or such, so we are just about equal, so how about two tenths?" *Not wanting to resort to a fight.
    *The bandit annoyedly stamps his foot and says "Fine! But if I see yer again, it's all of i' next time!"
    *I give him the two tenths and walk around him to continue on, after saying "I am sure we'll meet again, and you will get it all." Knowing I never want to be near him again.

    Scenario 2:

    You’re in the market square walking around when you suddenly spot a gorgeous item you seem to be interested in, however, you don’t have enough money for it. What do you do?

    *Sigh as I walk on, simply not wanting to steal it, and not knowing any way to get the money before a rich man or otherwise better off person sees it as well.
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    I know scenario 2 was short, but I mean I don't know what else to do in that scenario.