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    Basic Information:

    Mighty and strong, yet stout and hairy, the Duarssi, or the Darumiir, are one of the three races of Men, the Duarssi are renowned across Ravendelle for their prowess in forging weapons and armours out of their famed “Duarium” Steel, an unmatched skill passed down from the Delmiir. Their name is thought to be derived from the Delmiir word “Dwaruuv,” which roughly translates in the Common Tongue to inventive and creative.

    Duarssi have a body type suited for their tall mountain cities, capable of enduring very cold temperatures due to their stout body type and large, thick bone structure. Duarssi men are commonly thought as having hefty beards and carrying a warhammer. In truth, this is a mere stereotype of their true culture, although many do possess such weapons, and facial hair is very common among their people. Both male and female Duarssi essentially look like stout, hardy humans, rarely exceeding 5 feet at full growth. Their eyes range from brown to green, and from blue to red. Oddly enough, they are just as strong as humans, despite their small size and can breed a fertile child with other Duarssi, Elves, and Humans, but cannot breed with other races.

    Duarssi tend to prefer meats and dairy products over fruits and vegetables, them being the “hardier food.” Of course, being a race of Man, they do need the latter, though their meals are not based heavily upon it. Traditionally, Duarssi will fast on holidays, being avid followers of Je Amla, and will feed on traditional foods visible within Je Amla. They are also avid drinkers, being nearly immune to alcohol poisoning, provoking much jealousy amongst their Noslian and Jorlander drinking buddies; they’re also quite vulgar, to boot.

    Dwarves will commonly wear their armour, even when not in battle and will sometimes have their weapon in hand, though not always. However, Dwarves are very likely to adopt their adopted culture's ways of dress as well. They also very much value honor and honesty above all else and will borderline religiously believe most superstitions or tales perpetuated by their kind.

    Lifespan and Health:

    The Duarssi live very long lives, many often reaching, and sometimes exceeding, 100 years of age. They stay very hairy throughout their lives, and will have mostly dark hair and decent strength, even in old age.


    The Duarssi hail from the Duarssian Empire and reside mostly within mountainous terrain, which results in their dwellings mostly being within them, and at large scale too. They are quite well known for their ability to manufacture brilliant weapons and armour, and it is not uncommon to find a Duarssi city whom possesses a master blacksmith. These Duarssi are much stronger than their Eastern counterparts and make up the majority of the Duarssian military. Western Duarssi tend to build their homes in mountains in giant complexes rather than outside, mostly from culture and common practice.


    Even with the cataclysm, the Duarssi economic position has remained relatively unchanged through the decades via their effective mining techniques and masterful engineering innovations, which have enabled them to remain the arguable most powerful race in the two continents, even without the food resources which came from their former Jorland province. However, contrary to popular belief, the Dwarves most certainly DO NOT possess advanced technology far beyond the scope of anyone else. At most, they are 10 years ahead of most world powers.


    In terms of war, the Duarssi are quite skilled, even feared. The Duarssi military is quite a formidable force, quite surprising considering their stout appearance. The bulk of Duarssi infantry is made up of the infamous “Ceithern”, which are usually armed with a sword, usually a broadsword or shortsword, a long dagger called a “schainn”, a bow and a set of what could be best described as darts called “ge’a”. In more recent times, Duarssi have begun adopting crossbows into their upper ranks as well. Armour and shielding, on the other hand, is roughly identical to that of the Yavvi military, mostly plate and mail. They are usually led by a commander known as a “Ceanne’as,” with a central general called a “Ginn’rel.” Traditional cavalry is used as well.


    If one thing is notable about the Duarssi, it’s their system of governance. Due to their highly egalitarian society, the idea of success is valued higher than one’s family, which means Duarssi politicians serve based on merit, rather than heritage, although they are split into “clans,” or families. They’re also open to participation by all within their borders in a highly democratic council, which is bolstered by the belief that all Duarssi are “brothers and sisters,” and they often refer to each other as such. Uniquely, anyone that is revered as intelligent has the right to join and speak at political meetings, which leads to far more representation in their government, although this also leads to instability in regards to war related decisions, though most generals work independently due to their expertise in the art of war. During important political meetings, it is not uncommon for many clans, often numbering in the dozens, to show up to aid in debates often held in an amphitheatre, which quickly becomes noisy with argumentation, the smashing of cups on tables and gesticulations of the masses, due to them being quite a rowdy and opinionated bunch.
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