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    Basic Information:

    An adept description befitting the Elumiir (commonly called “Elves” by the ignorant) would most certainly be proud and powerful. A member of the three races of Men, the Elumiir are quite adept in not only the usage of magic, but are also both quite nimble and dexterous, especially when wielding two blades or using a bow. Every weapon, armour piece, and home is constructed out of their GreatWood trees, which have varieties that rival the strength of stone and steel. (Although, most are as strong as any normal wood.) Their name comes from the word “Eluen,” which means magical and proud.

    The Elumiir are a quite tall race, matching their environment of large trees, humungous fungi, and enormous wildlife. Most Elves will reach 6-7 feet in height, though some can be even taller. However, this height also means that they are quite frail as a people, and are not as versatile to harsh conditions or battle. They will often sport long hair, with little to no facial hair- or even hair on the rest of their bodies, for that matter. Their skin is quite fair, although this can vary on the type of Elf. Despite being a frail people, they are also quite adaptable to areas, if given the time to be. (This is much unlike Humanity, who can adapt with just one generation.) For example, some may possess dark skin and red eyes from being underground for generations, or they might have dark skin and green eyes while upon treetops. There are many types, the most common being Wood Elves- with brown skin and green eyes, Dark Elves- with gray skin and red eyes, and High Elves- with fair skin and blue eyes. Sand Elves are less common, sporting near black skin and brown eyes and often mistaken for Dark Elves and Snow Elves being nigh nonexistent, often mistaken as High Elves due to their fair skin- though their eyes are a rich white. Elven hair will usually match their eyes or skin. Their diet will also match their environment, often eating whatever is available. While they can consume meat, they tend to show a preference towards plants. Also, much like the Dwarves, Elumiir can breed with both Dwarves and Humans and create fertile offspring.

    Elven garb is quite simple, yet quite elegant at the same time. They will wear simple cloth on their person, dyed and modified to their desire. As such, it is very difficult to distinguish the social ranking of a particular Elumiir, as none partake in the usage of jewelry or special colouring. Their armour consists of Greatwood Plate, Mail, and Gambesons.

    Lifespan and Health:

    The Elumiir live long lives, much longer than even the Duarssi, most reaching and exceeding 150 years of age, although some can be even older. They can reach 300 years of age and some have been even observed to live for millennia. This long lifespan is a double-sided coin, as it keeps their population low due to lack of need to have children. Because they live for so long, they will often not reach adolescence until around 20 years of age, and will look young, even near death; their hair does not gray and they do not possess wrinkles. It’s important to note that they do have a low tolerance to alcohol, but are resistant to disease.


    The Elumiir are located primarily within the nation of the Elue Dominion within their Greatwood cities. Each Elumiir city will possess a Tree Master, a mage specialized in literally talking to the Greatwood trees and requesting things of them, namely resources and housing. Although they are centered in the Dominion, they can also be found elsewhere, namely in the eastern reaches of the Alhuid Caliphate in the form of the Sand Elves, and to the east within the Tangese mountains in the form of the Snow Elves.


    The economy of the Elumiir consists largely of exports of Greatwood material and exotic berries and wines. They make bows of unparalleled quality, and their unique weapons and armour are popular among warriors of all stripes. Their economy is quite mercantile, much as their human counterparts, and they sell mined out resources made from the efforts of Dark Elves.


    The Elumiir military consists largely of bowmen and mages, as they are more capable with a bow in comparison to other races. They might also wield two blades, being able to do so without losing their dexterity, although a sword and shield is preferred. Because Elves are quite frail in comparison to other races, they will not use heavy weapons or crossbows. They will also commonly use cavalry. Their armour is made up of Greatwood plate as well. In terms of military organization, they have a major general in command of the army, followed by a group of lower generals, then a group of high ranking officers, who then command 5 lower officers, who each control 5 men.


    The Elumiir government is quite hierarchical in nature. They are run by a council, or Mariin, which have one seat for each house in the country- a sort of ‘nobility system,’ wherein the individual, as opposed to the bloodline, earns the right to speak at the council. This council is then led by a sort of president, who is chosen among the council’s numbers. Their council, which is regulated by the president for that meeting, is essentially an open forum of speech, debate, and opinion. Once that is put into place, a vote is made among the council. If the vote ends in a tie, the debate is to continue until results are conclusive. As such, they do not have a true leader, rather picking one member to represent them for a particular task. This system of debate is also extended to war strategy, making war a highly inefficient affair.
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