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    IGN: fqrgetful
    Age: 14

    Have you read the rules agree to follow them [yes]
    Alt [y]
    Rules I like the most I haven’t really found a likening on rules except hacking rules I hate hackers

    [Rp] i take a counter attack on jump over him and struck him from behind he falls to the group in pain I take his dagger away and decide to flee’

    [Rp] i glare at the precious item it’s worth much then i can bargain for. I think all different things if I should steal it or make the money. I start to think nervously if I work for it it could be gone and I would of worked for nothing ooh well at least I won’t get locked up for god knows how long.
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    Your application seems to have been cut off somehow. Please fix this and reply to this thread when you have.
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    Crap I wrote way more then that rip
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    You forgot multiple sections of the application and did not apply grammar. Please fix this.