Serna "farth"

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    Name: Serna "Farth"
    Age: 19
    Race and Subtype: Jorland Human
    Religion: Je Amla

    Eye Color: Brown, one eye is blinded though.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Style: Long and Straight
    Skin Color: Pale White
    Clothing: A fur cape covering some of the fur clothing that covers most of her body. Her hands are covered in a dark colored hand wrap. Only her head from the neck up and her finger tips aren't covered. She has a necklace that has the symbol of Sarvo engraved on it.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 115 Lb
    Body Build: Petite
    Weapon of Choice: A Long sword with a handle that lets it be used with 1 or 2 hands.

    Main Goal: Find a new place to call home.


    Eldin Farth, "Farther", Deceased
    Sanja Farth, "Mother", Deceased


    Trustworthy: Serna has learned from her "parents" how to keep her word and how to be trustworthy. If there is something that you need to be done, she can be trusted.

    Helpful: Serna can help a person the best she can, but she does have some limits.

    Kind: Serna is a kind person if you do get to know her, as long as you don't maker her angry.

    Honest: Serna is one of the most honest people you'll ever meet, she doesn't lie.


    Alcoholism: Serna's past have left some mental scars on her. She never learned how to deal with them, so she drinks to try to lift some pain away.

    Suborn: When Serna says something, she means it. An example of her stubbornness is that she refuses to use a shield and only uses her sword for attack and defense.

    Can easily be manipulated: Serna's strong belief in her religion does make her weak when people with her same religion tries to convince something to her.

    Fear of Magic: Serna has seen what magic can do to a person, and what magic can do, she fears it as it's not something natural by her gods.

    Life Story:
    Serna was not born to the people she knew as her parents, she was born under house Kurjak in the north in Jorland. She only lived with her parents for a month. An assassin killed both of Serna's grandparents so a message to the family that they aren't liked by another power. Serna's parents, worried about her,sent her to live with Eldin Farth, a close friend and of Serna's farther until she was 18. Eldin was also told to teach Serna how to fight with a sword, and some basic weapon care.
    Serna's home was in the middle of the snowy forests in the far north. She loved the small house that she lived in when she was a child. When Serna was 5 years old, she started to learn some basics of using a sword. She chose to practice this skill for most of her life as she felt fond of the sword.
    Serna started to learn basic weapon sharpening when she was 9, but when looking at a knife she was sharpening, she got it too close to her, and accidentally cut her left eye, causing her to lose site in that eye, After that, she learned to keep sharp tools away from her face.
    Serna's life went on as normal for her, she just lived with her "Parents", learning how to hunt and how to fight with a sword until she was 16, when an event would change her for her life.
    Serna's home was raided by a group of bandits when she was 16. When she was being dragged out of her house, her "parents came out and attacked the bandits, killing one. But they were captured. When they were captured, they were killed in front of Serna as she watched in horror. When the leader of the Bandits said it was time for her to be killed, one of the other bandits offered to kill her. The leader allowed him to kill her. He took Serna into some woods where he let her go free, but told her to play dead for some time.
    After afew hours, Serna went back to her house to find it burnt down with her "Parent" bodes by it. As she looks around the ruins, she finds a long sword under some floorboards under a bed. She keep the sword as a reminder of her "parents". After that, she dug and gave her "Parents" a grave and left.
    Serna spent 3 years of her life trying to find a new place to call home, after some time, and a lot of travel, Serna may have found her new home.