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    OOC: [Some OOC Questions. We recommend you read through the Server Info sub-forum for filling this out properly.]

    IGN: Gobbo_
    Age: N/A (I am 16+)
    Alts: N/A

    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Y
    What is the rule you like the most?:
    • Griefing is strictly enforced, REMEMBER: WE CAN ROLL YOU BACK! If you have been griefed, use /co i to check for the grief and report it to staff, you can do /co i again to turn it back off. Nerd poles and random holes count as grief.

    Why?: I have had many bad griefing experiences in the past with admins unable to do anything, so the knowledge that anything i build, if griefed, could be rolled back is a great thing to me.

    [Please put a one sentence definition for these. An example is also preferred, but not required.]
    In your own words, define PowerGaming: PowerGaming is doing as much as you can to acquire as much power in-character as possible, completely ignoring any lore or roleplaying that might get in your way.
    In your own words, define MetaGaming: MetaGaming is using out of character knowledge as if it was in character knowledge, or telling somebody while out of character about something they should only find out in character.
    In your own words, define GodModding: GodModding is taking control of somebody's character, like saying their character does something that the person isn't saying they do.
    In your own words, define RDM: RDM is the killing of somebody with no cause, or a cause that's either trivial or out of character.

    Any comments you wish to make? Questions?: N/A

    RP: [Here we measure your ability to roleplay, while we don’t expect you to be a master and newcomers are welcome, we’d like to see how you handle these different situations (Pro Tip: Sometimes it's better to avoid making a problem worse!)]

    It is worth noting that both responding either by describing how your character would go through these situations, or actually roleplaying it out are both acceptable ways to do so, though we encourage you to do the latter.

    Scenario 1:

    You’re walking around the wilderness, relatively far from the closest town, carrying a dagger and some money in a pouch. Suddenly, you hear rustles from a nearby bush. It's a bandit! He has a shortsword and he yells, “Gimme t’at money or it’s yer life!” What do you do?

    Honestly, in character, I would probably just hand over any money I have on me, but being perfectly ready for the possible attack on me after i hand all my money over.

    Scenario 2:

    You’re in the market square walking around when you suddenly spot a gorgeous item you seem to be interested in, however, you don’t have enough money for it. What do you do?

    In character, I would approach the merchant and try to haggle my way down, but if that doesn't work I would try to "reserve" the item then find a way to get enough to come back and buy it.