The Delmiir

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    Basic Description:

    Mysterious and unknown, the Delmiir, better known as the Ancients, are a race believed to be long extinct and ancient race from centuries- possibly millennia, perhaps even eons, past. Not much is known of the Delmiir, but it is thought that they preceded the three races of Men: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves- as evidenced by those races being able to interbreed with each other. They are known to have been advanced in both technology and culture, as is evident by their ruins which dot both the northern and southern continents whom possess still functioning machines of steam and the rare 'automaton'.

    Their appearance is theorized to have been a mixture of all three human races’ main features. It is likely that they possessed the hairs of Dwarves, along with the innovation and forging prowess that the Dwarves may have inherited. To the Elves, they may have possessed the height, pointy ears, and arcane prowess of that race. And to humans they had the variety they possess along with the vastness, high production rate, ingenuity, and adaptability that Humans are famed for. While not exactly "mythical," so little is known about them that they might as well be.

    Other Information:

    The Delmiir are believed to have had a culture that had a mixture of the three races that might have evolved from them. They are known to have been technological advanced, including the ability to utilize steam as a power source, conquering the skies with airships, having ranged weapons that fire projectiles propelled by an explosion- something many countries are trying to reproduce, automated machines that produce goods, and mechanical men called automatons. Most Delmiir technology is very durable, with some weapons still functioning.In fact, some of their machines still function to this very day!

    Another technology known to be found is a non-rusting blade which is distributed by rank in the same way as a as a primary weapon for high ranking officers. Also found are Delmiir armors, , of which are distributed after being modified to indicate the wearer’s rank. Delmiir steel is difficult to reproduce and cannot be remade with human technology, instead relocating Delmiir forges and repurposing them, something that is slow due to the need to provide component materials. These forges seem to utilize some sort of mechanized Alchemy, and perhaps Potionry, which has caused intrigue by the world's nations. Only one forge is known to exist, which is in the possession of Duarssia, and is the source of their famed Duarium Steel.

    Another technology in use by armies are automatons, the mechanical men mentioned earlier. Each Automaton is armed with a crossbow, which functions the same as one used by a soldier (they have a compartment for arrows and crossbow bolts) and can wield blades, crossbows, and bows. These machines are efficient and durable, but if their core is destroyed they will stop functioning and will not be repairable- the process of which has already been mastered, though it takes time to recreate the parts so it is undesirable. These men are quite a bit stronger as any normal soldier, but they can be defeated easily by destroying their exposed cores. They can be repaired, but if the core is damaged or destroyed, you are better off melting down its components and selling it as Duarium steel. Not all of them are meant for war however, and some might be used for other tasks, such as repair. Their bows are difficult to repair and, if broken, need to be replaced with a less efficient, domestically smithed crossbow. To take control of one, you must first remove its core, which is no small feat. Once accomplished, it seems to "know" you as its master. Once the core is replaced, it will follow your commands loyally.

    A highly desired technology said to have been used by the Delmiir are their giant airships. It is believed that the bulk of them are stored in Elandria, with a large amount also stored in the Conglomerate and the least in Northern Ardria, but none of them have been located. According to Delmiir records, airships were not meant for war, and are far better used for trade and transport. These ships are estimated to travel at a huge ten knots of speed! Along with this, they are thought to be absolutely enormous, easily the size of four galleons! In theory, with proper maintenance, they could be used as emergency cities, as they possess all that is needed to survive; or so it was thought. In reality, airships are quite small and fragile, and can be taken down easily if the pilot is careless, though the commodity is apparently nice to have, regardless.

    Not much is known of their history. It seems that they simply disappeared with very little trace of them being there, aside from their machines that have been left behind of course. There are many theories as to what happened, but it is not known as to which is accurate. Whatever the cause, the Delmiir have been the subject of debate by scholars for years.​
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