The Lythenios

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    Lythenios Flower

    Basic Information:

    A purple flower with a yellow pistil that is somewhat uncommonly found in small forests and brushes.
    Liked by few for its and plain smell and look, but sought after by up and coming alchemists.
    For its rarer variation that of which has a red pistil, because of its pain relieving qualities.

    How its used:

    Novice alchemists use the entire flower bloom, the petals need to be dried and then crushed to small bits.
    The rest of the flower needs to be boiled in water for about 5-10 minutes until it looks like it will fall apart.
    The following part is to slowly mix the flower ingredients in a small amount of olive oil for roughly 15 minutes, until it almost feels like a gel.


    If made correctly i can be applied on wounds and bruises.
    and help with mild to moderate pain relief on the applied location.
    a known side effect of this is the cause of dry and itchy skin. ​
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