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    In order to create a server with vast cities, custom plugins, and expansive lore as we do, we need many people. These people, often referred to as Staff, work for free and give their own time solely because they want to. This is why the staff get a few perks here and there, because some of them deserve it. That being said, our team is always in need of help, thus we are always accepting well-trusted players in our ranks. People that are known among both the staff and the community. So, we decided in order to give you a look at how our system works, how to join, and who works here, we must create this page. So, without further adieu, let's begin.

    Team Rankings and Initiation

    GrayStone Staff Rankings are quite simple, they it goes as follows:

    These are essentially normal users who want to help the server. These are split internally into Lore and Architect. Not required for Moderators.

    - 14 years of age or older

    - Majority staff vote via the application process
    - Ability to either build or write (depending on what you're applying for)

    The spearheads of the server and the ones that make the world go round, these staff members are generally affiliated with most departments. Their main purpose is to maintain staff and server stability. An "admin", if you will. This is purely a management role and, although many regulate their departments, these are simply the people whom do work on permissions, website, and configuration.

    - Affiliated in at least 1 department
    - High work ethic
    - Well liked by community
    - Maturity

    Current Staff and Affiliated Departments:

    Developers have the sole purpose of creating, finding, and updating plugins for the server. With other jobs such as working on configurations, designing the website and the wiki, etc. As of now to apply for tech staff, you must be a capable programmer in the Java programming language with experience in programming using at least the Spigot library. This does NOT mean capability of using only Spigot methods, but also doing things such as creating your own methods using Java methods, among other things.

    World Team
    Architects have the sole purpose of building towns, cities, and other miscellaneous structures. These structures will then be used as roleplay spots, ruins, spawns, and hidden areas. It is the most strict department within GrayStone. We expect applicants to be capable of creating block pallets, undertanding depth, style replication, and a general eye for quality.

    Lore Writers are designed to do and perform various jobs within the community involving the community, forums, and roleplay. Their main purpose is to write lore, read and accept character applications, and regulate the RP community. They also have the right to approve or deny an application but need a moderator to actually list a player.

    They must gain trust as an assistant before moving on to this department.

    The Moderation Staff are the staff dedicated to making your life easier and our community more enjoyable. They check for rule breaking, staff abuse, and flame within the forums and the server, as well as partially handling events and whitelisting. This staff department is most commonly applied for. New moderators are not taken lightly and are given rigorous checks before gaining the role.
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